ANGLETERRE – ENGLAND : London + Birmingham

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra – Chorus

Symphony Choir

 The London Symphony Chorus – 

Symphony Choir

 University of Birmingham 

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ESPAGNE – SPAIN : Barcelone

Orfeó Catala and Escola Choral Spain 

Symphony Choir

conducted by Simon Halsey

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CBSO Chorus and community choirs  160 à 500 choristes
London Symphony Chorus and Community choirs 160 à 500 choristes
University of Birmingham 7 choeurs, tous répertoires
Barcelona Orfeó Catala and Escola Choral 100 à 500 choristes
Everyone has stopped rehearsing, me too. A few choirs are trying online rehearsals but for my choirs these don’t serve any purpose unless we are preparing to record a virtual project. LSC has done two. CBSO has done two. Barcelona 3 and University of Birmingham 1.

We have regular meetings at normal rehearsal time and have news,interviews,quizzes ,warm up exercises and up to 20 minutes rehearsal on anything we need virtually to record. About 60% of the choir attends at any one meeting but about 80% have kept in touch.
I will expect to resume rehearsals when the law allows it. Not very soon. Not before September. And possibly no concerts until 2021.
The UK is running very late in this Crisis.
But starting tomorrow, I’ll begin to build a plan to restart with sectionals and octets – exactly as they are already doing in Berlin. But whether we have any concerts to aim for, I don’t know.
I expect Barcelona to begin sooner than the UK.
There is no solution that gives you a seriously satisfying rehearsal,in my view. Some colleagues have simply suspended activity for a year.

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Others are trying very hard to rehearse but all say it can’t go in much longer.
Tell us about your innovations, your brainwaves and your successes, your failures…
I did an international Singalong concert for Rundfunkchor Berlin and Interkultur. 
I’ve commissioned two pieces of lockdown music. Both are in preparation and I expect both to make a splash when they are ready.
I’ve formed groups of likeminded Professors of choral conducting to work out how we could operate next year. And the group of chorusmasters of which you are aware.
Simon Halsey

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