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” Thank you very much for your letter, which I am glad to answer. We share your view that the exchange of like-minded people, people affected by and suffering from the same problems can only be useful. However, our ensemble differs fundamentally from your choir in one respect. The SymphonischerChor Bamberg works exclusively as a project-driven professional choir. Our choristers prepare independently for a specific project, studying the scores by themselves, and then meet a few days before the concert(s) for purely musical final rehearsals. They are generally members of a professional choir or at least have undergone personal vocal training in addition to having a musical background. The singers receive remuneration for their participation in our projects. We too are affected by concert cancellations. Our next project is planned to take place in Bamberg on 19.11.2020, accompanied by a chamber ensemble. You will find the future concert programme on our website, where you will also find a video with pictures of our choir, which I would be happy to recommend to you and your choir members.

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You may be interested in the preliminary evaluation of a study conducted by the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra to assess the risk of coronavirus infection in music. The study  was conducted by Prof.Dr. med. Dr. phil. Claudia Spahn and Prof.Dr. med. Bernhard Richter from the Institute of Musical Medicine in Freiburg, the University Hospital and the Freiburg Conservatory(HochschulefürMusik). In addition to orchestral wind instruments, singers were included in the study. See in particular the recommendation for choral singing on page 4.
Finally, I would like to give you a brief report on the status of our most recent project, which took place shortly before the lockdown in Bavaria on 11.03.2020. We performed Verdi’s Requiem in the Bamberg Concert Hall on 07 and 08.03.2020, with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra under the direction of JurajValčuha. The rehearsal period took place in the same week, from 03.03 to 06.03.2020, in a large rehearsal room with a very high ceiling. Before arriving in Bamberg, the singers were asked in writing to abandon the cordiality of kisses and handshakes, which are often appreciated by artists, including in Germany.In addition, before the outbreak of the epidemic, a doctor strongly emphasised the importance of hygienic measures such as the correct way to wash hands andother barrier gestures and gave further details on the development of the epidemic at that time. We placed disinfectant gel at the entrance to the rehearsal room and regularly ventilated the room thoroughly. In accordance with the requirements of the work, a relatively large choir of ninety singers had gathered. Independently of the current pandemic, it is customary for our choristers to notify each other in advance of the project in the event of illness, in accordance with the provisions of the artists’ contracts. I can tell you that, as far as we know at present, none of us were infected with the coronavirus during the period of the project. Nor were any cases reported in the orchestra. I would like to point out this favourable development in our case, because there have unfortunately been infections after choir rehearsals in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands. However, we do not know the individual circumstances in those outbreaks with regard to organisational, spatial and personnel conditions.
I would be happy if my lines could be of use to you. In any case, we wish you and your choir members much pleasure and success when you resume your singing, hoping that this will not be in the too distant future. Stay in good health.
Best regards from Bamberg “
Michael Holzäpfel, Managing Director,SymphonischerChor Bamberg e.V.

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