ARGENTINE – ARGENTINA : San Miguel de Tucumán

Vox Animae Coral, conducted by Emiliano Flores

Vocal Ensemble


Number of singers : 30 singers
Repertoire : academic music, world music, great composers, symphony choir

” I wanted to start by saying how happy I was to receive this invitation and how important it is to stay connected during this time. I think this is an excellent initiative, and I congratulate you on it.

The academic year begins in March in Argentina (with rehearsals resuming after the (southern hemisphere) summer holidays). This was the month when the country was declared in quarantine. Therefore we were only able to have one face-to-face meeting. We have already resumed work via remote rehearsals, which means that not all members can participate due to various factors (lack of internet service, not having or not understanding the tools, etc.).

For certain parts of the scores the choir used midi files as reinforcement outside of remote rehearsal times. We added some videos/recordings of the sung parts to try to have a more direct/tangible contact. The Zoom tool allows audio or video content from the video conferences to be reproduced, which is useful for the subsequent analysis of the works or parts of them.

© Vox Animae Coral

In order to work on the voices, prepare the scores and maintain the link between the choristers, we use Skype or Zoom videocalls. We share educational material on social networks and by email, and we share challenges, games, discussions and jokes via whatsapp groups in order to maintain social contact between the choristers. 

As far as the concerts are concerned, all of them have been affected, and the first half of the programme is cancelled. We still do not know how the situation will evolve and whether dates or future projects can be maintained. “


Emiliano Flores


Vox Animae Coral 

© Vox Animae Coral