PAYS-BAS – NETHERLANDS : Leeuwarden / Blokker / Amsterdam 

Leeuwarder Kamerkoor, conducted by Eduardo López Cabello

Vocal Ensemble


” With all the chorus, we stopped rehearsing on March 13, when the government proposed rules to fight the coronavirus. 

Indeed, none of the choirs have a fixed plan to physically resume rehearsals because the government is not yet clear when the rules will be lowered. Together with Voci d’Angeli and LeeuwarderKamerkoor we are discussing a resumption of rehearsals in July and a few rehearsals during the summer. 

Voci d’Angeli had to cancel a concert that was almost ready (19 March). Ijlandenkoor managed to give its last concert one week before the suspension of rehearsals; our next concert was a choral festival which was suspended. LeeuwarderKamerkoor had to postpone the next concert (7 June), and our October concert (17-18) is unclear, depending on when we will be able to rehearse again.  In the province it is traditional that the choirs and the good orchestras of the province take turns to take care of the memorial concert (of the victims of the Second World War) (May 4).  This year it was the Bach Society of Leeuwarden and next year it was us.  As the concert has to be suspended, we have given up our space for next year and will do so next year (2022).

© Leeuwarder-Kamerkoor

Only Voci d’Angeli and Ijlandenkoor continued the online rehearsals via Zoom.  The limitations of Zoom make the rehearsal even slower.  I rehearse by lectern in each choir, singing the melody to them several times, and they sing over me, but without activating the sound.  After rehearsing the melody with me several times, each member sings their own melody and I correct them, the rest of the lectern listening so that everyone has the same information and one’s work is useful to the others. 
With Leeuwader Kamerkoor, this way of working doesn’t work, because they learn the music on their own, and our rehearsals have to put the music together, but this can’t be done, at least so far.  Next week I will have a “social meeting” with them, to see each other, talk, maintain the social aspect of the choir and in two weeks I will do group rehearsals to review the Latin American text and rhythm (our concert in October). “
Eduardo López Cabello
Choir Conducting Master’s student
Utrechts Conservatorium 
Choir Conductor
Conservatorium van Amsterdam 
Catholic University of Chile

© Leeuwarder-Kamerkoor