CHILI – CHILE : Santiago / Vitacura

Coro de Estudiantes UC – Santiago

Voces de Vitacura

conducted by Felipe Ramos

University Choir

Community Choir

” We have not stopped repeating because we have used the online platforms to continue working. We were only able to meet face-to-face the first week of March.

Concerning the resumption of rehearsals, we are very dependent on the institutions, so when they decide to open their doors, we will come back with all our energy! For the moment, we’ve suspended our concerts and we’ve filled the social networks with small interventions… but we know it’s not the same!

In order to preserve the voices, prepare the scores and maintain the link between the singers and make music together, we mainly use ZOOM. Facebook and Instagram have also become communication tools.  ZOOM is new to me. The other tools are the same, but they have started to be used differently!

I have also invested a lot of time in preparing the material and in making a step-by-step process with each score and we have also worked a lot as a team with the other teachers, conductors and piano accompanists. A very useful innovation was to prepare the audio tracks with each of the “missing” voices so that each member of the choir could fill the space with his or her own voice, the result is quite good! Social networks have had some success for choirs, I hope it will continue to be so (and we are already scheduling conversations, etc.) but, of course, it is very difficult to help amateurs to fall in love with choral singing, because with online methods, they get discouraged more easily. I’m still working with a community choir (Vitacura) on how to get closer to people .”

Felipe Ramos Taky

Assistant Choir Director

© Voces de Vitacura

© Coro de estudiantines UC