Värinä Chamber Choir, conducted by Noora Hirn

Vocal ensemble

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I work as a conductor for a Finnish Choir (based in the capital, Helsinki) called Värinä Chamber Choir. We are a mixed choir of 35 singers, and we sing classical choral repertoire from renaissance music up to modern music from our days.

During the corona pandemic, we have kept on having rehearsals via video conference program Zoom. We gather in Zoom approximately every other week. As we can not have normal rehearsals now, we have tried to make the most out of this exceptional situation.
We have had a workshop on rhytmic choir music with a specialist in this field. We had a live session with a singing teacher, who answered our questions (all kinds of questions varying from how to sing high/low notes to how to practice singing home with small children). We had a theory lesson on intonation. We have had regular group rehearsals (sopranos, altos etc. separately). We also made a recording of a modern piece so that each singer recorded their part at home and the piece was then put together.
We have also ordered videos of singing and breathing exercises, planned specifically for our choir.
And we had a workshop to plan our long-term future goals as a choir. In addition to the official program, we have had social gatherings in Zoom with no official agenda, as we find it is important to meet friends and keep on communicating as a social group.

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In spite of the obvious lack of singing together in the same room, our singers have found our rehearsals this spring very useful and inspirational. We have had plenty of time to concentrate on many important things we do not normally have enough time for.
Of course we, like everyone else, have had to cancel all our concerts and other performances, but we
really hope to be able to sing together soon again. The challenge with having rehearsals in Zoom is that, because of latency, we have to sing behind our muted microphones and thus no one can hear each other. 
But at least we can see each other singing! 🙂 The spring season for most choirs comes to end in May in Finland, but if this exceptional situation continues in the autumn, we will have to find yet new ways to keep on practicing online. Probably we will go on with group rehearsals, workshops on different themes and theory lessons. Besides that, we could for example listen and analyze recordings and concerts together.
Here is our link to a voice extract of our choir, it would be great if You could include it in the update:
All the best for You and Your singers !
Best regards,
Noora Hirn from Finland

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